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New Age Piano and Improvisation

New Age Piano and Improvisation

New Age Piano and Improvisation

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There are so many areas in life where one must do things right. Thankfully, art is an area where great discoveries are made by making mistakes! Take improvisation for example. We sit at our piano or keyboard without any thought of what is to come.

 Our fingers touch a certain chord that calls to us and we are gone. We are transported into a nonverbal world where anything is possible.

The simplified definition of it is performing without preparation. Improvisation can improve your piano playing, as it builds on your understanding of melody, structure, and composition. It’s simple enough with a little practice; like anything else, improvisation is a skill that improves with use. When it comes to piano improvisation, you can think of jazz, blues, and rock. But one can definitely improvise in any musical style.

Improvisation is fun, creative, and, well, playful. There is a lot you can learn when it comes to how to improvise on piano, and there is even more to explore on an electronic keyboard.

Surprises happily come our way as we let go and observe how the music is created before us. And we are always amazed that the “best” music happens when we do not care if it is good or bad.

We are not concerned with good or bad but with feeling and music alone. We allow ourselves to be wrapped up in this world of sound and it does transform us. When the music has played itself out we rest and notice that the world seems a little lighter than it was before we sat down to play. Not because of anything we did or did not do. But because we let ourselves relax and become co-creators of the music. We improvise for the fun of it and for the enjoyment it brings to ourselves and to others.

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