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The Amazing Broken Chord Ballad Free Piano Lesson

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PianoforAll is an amazing piano learning tool that shows students how to learn piano online, with a clever combination of video and ebook instructions with embedded audio files.

Pianoforall is one of the most popular and respected piano courses on the web. Online since 2006 it is always amongst the first choices of anyone wanting to learn piano.

In the Book 5, Robin Hall created the Ballad Style to help you use your knowledge of chords to create a great piano ballad style and apply it to melodies in 3 easy steps. You will be able to learn to improvise and create your own melodies – the fun way! By the end of the book you will be expected to be playing some terrific songs.

You can either download the program from the website or have the software mailed to your home. The files are in PDF form so you can print out individual pages as needed or view from a computer. The audio and video clips are embedded next to the written examples making them instantly accessible.

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